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Stump grinding is one of the two ways to get rid of a tree stump. You can either remove it with a backhoe; however, this can cause damage to the surrounding area. Another way is by grinding the tree stump with a stump grinder. Ideally, the tree stump should be 3-6 inches beneath the ground. Stump removal is only an option for large-scale projects that require foundation work for commercial development sites. This is the reason why most residential and business properties don’t opt for stump removal.

Stump grinding is much easier if done with the proper equipment. However, it can still be a messy job and detrimental to the surrounding area. At Augusta Tree Service Green Bay, we can take on the job in a professional manner. We will make the project look less problematic and challenging. With our world-class equipment from Morbark and Veneer, the damage will significantly decrease. After we are done with the process, we can assure you that your property will look as good as you imagined it to be.

Stump Grinding Green Bay, WI

Tree stumps can be easy or difficult to ground depending on their species, age, and size. Huge hardwood stumps can be time-consuming and challenging to grind due to the wood fibers’ density. Pines and conifers, on the other hand, need less time to do and are not as challenging as mentioned. Old trees that are already drying and decaying can also aid the process of grinding. Small-scale stumps are also easier to deal with. We do not just start the process of stump grinding without assessing the stump and taking into consideration the right equipment and process that needs to be employed for the most desirable outcome.

Stump Grinding and Removal Green Bay

In the process of stump grinding, there are essentially four steps to follow:

  • The area should be kept clean of rocks that can hinder the smooth process of stump grinding.
  • If the stump is not at a level where it is manageable to ground, it should be cut with a chainsaw into more manageable sections.
  • The stump grinder should be stationed over the stump. Ideally, 3-6 inches before lowering it into the stump and starting the side-to-side movement of the grinder.
  • When the stump is ground at about 4 inches to the ground, continue with the process until the desired depth is reached.

    The process of stump grinding can cause damage to the area surrounding the work site. Also, wood chips are scattered in the location as well. Augusta Tree Service, as a professional stump grinding company, will pile up these wood chips anywhere on your property. We will also repair any damage caused by the grinding process. If you want us to re-plant the area, we will also be happy to do so for you.

    Additionally, our stump grinder ensures efficient grinder stump removal, leaving your property clean and free from obstructions. Contact us today for professional stump grinding services.

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