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Tree removal may sound easy, but the truth is, that it entails careful planning and expertise. Safely put, tree removal is best performed by certified tree professionals. Getting rid of large trees demands proper equipment and experience. In Augusta Tree Service Green Bay, we have these two requirements and more. Tree removal has been our top service since we started the business, so you can be confident that we do this with the highest standard and understanding.

Whether your tree is diseased, damaged, or just plain unsightly, we can safely remove it. For the longest time, we have been removing all types and species of trees that can be hazardous to you and your property. The process of tree removal starts with an on-site assessment. We will come to your property with a free verbal quote. If you agree to the terms, we will follow up with a written estimate for the tree removal process. We will also include our licensing and insurance documentation with the written quote.

Our cost for cheap tree removal largely depends on the size of the tree and its species. We also take into consideration the structures near the tree to be removed. Some species of trees are more challenging to remove and take more planning and execution.  There are species of trees that have multiple trunks and tree limbs and this may take more time and effort to remove compared to trees that only have one trunk. Also, trees are significantly bigger and need more labor and effort. We will also need to exercise extra caution if the tree is situated in a place near a fixed structure to avoid damaging the property.

Tree Removal Green Bay

Before the day we remove your tree, one of our crew members will call you to confirm the schedule of the tree removal process. We will make sure that all details in the written estimate are understood and completed. If you need anything to be changed in the written estimate, you can tell us at once and we will take care of it. We have a two-hour arrival window to ensure that our previous client is satisfied with the work we rendered. Our main foreman will approach you and ask you for any additional instructions and concerns.

We will then begin the process of removing the tree with our lead cutter climbing the tree using harnesses or an aerial lift. Our ground crew will be waiting at the ground to cut the large limbs into more manageable sizes. This process will go on until we are only left with a manageable size of the trunk and eventually be left with just the tree stump.

When we are done removing your tree, we will clear the site with branches, limbs, and other tree debris. Wood from the eliminated tree will be hauled away or piled somewhere on your property. Once the whole process is done, you will see no mark of us.

Augusta Tree Service Green Bay provides you with the safest most efficient and affordable tree removal service in the area.

    Residential Tree Removal

    The removal of trees from residential areas is vital to maintain both safety and visual appeal. Trees close to homes or power lines can pose dangers during storms, necessitating expert removal. Professionals assess the tree’s health, location, and potential hazards before planning removal. Using specialized equipment, they safely cut and remove trees, minimizing damage to their surroundings. Additionally, tree removal enhances property aesthetics, opening up new landscaping possibilities. Entrusting residential tree removal to experts ensures a secure and attractive home environment.

    Commercial Tree Removal

    Commercial tree removal is essential for property owners seeking to uphold safety and aesthetics. Our trained tree specialists proficiently remove trees of all sizes, reducing the risk of structural damage. Whether for new construction, hazard elimination, or property beautification, our team handles the task with precision and care. Count on us to enhance your commercial property’s safety and appearance through professional tree removal services. Reach out today for a consultation.

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