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There is no other company in Green Bay, WI that is as reliable and trustworthy as Augusta Tree Service. We remain the top tree service company that most residents turn to with their tree service needs. Our reviews with HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Yelp will vouch for the great customer service we provide. Our expert service is a result of years of experience in the business. We also have trained tree professionals who know both the art and science of tree care. Our promise is not only to take care of your tree but also your entire landscape as well. Our equipment that is top of the game helps us fulfill the job with ease and efficiency. Augusta Tree Service is the only tree service you need for all your tree care concerns..

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We are a professional tree service with certified tree experts who understand every detail of tree care. Our tree professionals are not only equipped to do basic tree care services but also landscaping. Our job is not just to keep your tree healthy, but also to maintain the overall beauty of your landscape. We do all these with safety as our top priority. Your and your property’s safety is always our number one concern that is why we assure you that we are insured, licensed and bonded tree service. It means that you will not be held liable for any damages if ever unfortunate accidents happen while we are working on your property. Further, we show our commitment to excellence by keeping our equipment in the tip-top state. Our cranes, chainsaws, and grinders are well-maintained to ensure that we will be able to deliver the job at the highest quality possible. We can finish small-scale and large-scale jobs within the time frame we agreed upon.

Also, please be careful when doing business with “companies” who go door-to-door offering their services. Most, if not all, of these fly-by-night businesses, do not have licenses, or insurance, and are not bonded. Plus, they do not give their employees proper compensation. If you trust these companies and an accident happens while they’re on your property, you might be held legally and financially liable for any damages.

Whether it is residential or commercial properties, our services are available for you. No matter what kind of project you have for us, we can do it with the help of our premier equipment. All our services are guaranteed to be of a high standard and affordable. We will not leave your property until we are sure that you are 100% satisfied with the service we rendered.

We are a professional team who will take care of your tree care needs. Unlike other companies out there who are difficult to contact and don’t do as they promise, we promise that we show up when we say we will. We do not make things hard for you rather we make everything possible with our skills and efficiency. If you have any concerns regarding your trees or landscape, do not hesitate to call Augusta Tree Services and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We are a dedicated team of tree specialists and tree surgeons committed to meeting all your tree care needs. Unlike other companies that may be hard to reach or fail to deliver on their promises, we guarantee punctuality and reliability. With our expertise and efficiency, we make every task manageable and ensure your complete satisfaction. Whether you require tree work, tree cutting, or affordable tree services, we are here to help. As a trusted local tree service provider, we offer competitive tree service prices and prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Contact Augusta Tree Services today for expert assistance with your trees and landscape.

Our team of experienced tree cutters is dedicated to providing cheap tree services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s pruning, removal, or maintenance, we offer efficient solutions at competitive rates. With specialized equipment like our tree crane service, we handle even the largest trees with ease, ensuring safe and effective service every time. Trust us for all your tree care needs, from trimming to large tree service projects.

    Picture of employee in a large tree at the top trimming all of the old branches in Green Bay, WI
    Picture of employee in the winter trimming a large oak tree in Green Bay, WI

    Tree Removal Green Bay, WI

    Although removing a tree is the last option when we do tree maintenance, there are instances when tree removal is inevitable. Dying, diseased, or dead trees are some of the obvious reasons your tree needs to be eliminated. Also, storm damage can be a significant reason why tree removal is the best option to take. If your tree is causing potential harm to you and your property, there is no better option but to remove it to avoid problems it may cause. Overgrown trees that are shading some parts of your landscape and inhibiting other plantings from growing can also be a good reason to remove that tree. Further, overgrown trees that are in contact with your residence will automatically dismiss your insurance claims if an accident happens, so, it is best to take them down to prevent these scenarios in the future. Whatever the reason may be, Augusta Tree Service can remove your tree most efficiently and economically possible.

    We are aware that tree removal is not completely a difficult task to perform. However, eliminating a tree still demands skills, experience, and expertise. It needs to be performed with careful thought, especially if the tree to be removed is near an area that is hard to access and there are fixed structures that can be affected. Regardless of the situation, we offer a tree removal service that can handle it for you.

    The process of tree removal starts with one of our representatives visiting your residence or property to do a survey. We will inspect the tree to be eliminated then we will offer you a verbal quote for the job. Once you agree to the terms, we will set a schedule for when we will complete the job. When everything is all set, we will provide you with a written quote with all the necessary details included. In doing the process, we will either use heavy equipment or safety harnesses, depending on the type of job we will do and your preference.

    During the entire course of tree removal, our ground crew will make sure that safety is employed. We will ensure that your property is kept clean and free of unwanted debris. Our chipper will be located on the street to dispose of small branches and limbs. When we are done with the tree removal process, you will be surprised to see that your property is clean and the tree has been completely removed.  Call the tree removal at Augusta Tree Service property owners’ trust for safe, affordable tree care

    Looking for affordable tree cutting services? Our tree cutting business offers budget-friendly solutions for tree cutting and removal. With competitive tree cutting service costs, we stand out among other tree cutting companies. Trust our experienced tree cutting company for efficient tree cutting removal services. Whether you need a one-time tree cutting service or regular maintenance, we’ve got you covered with our cheap tree cutting service options. Contact us today for all your tree cutting needs.

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    Tree Trimming Green Bay, WI

    Tree trimming is essential in keeping the appearance and health of your trees in top condition. However, many homes and business owners forget this fact and just let their trees fall to disease and fail to trim and prune them regularly. Also, some of our competitors do not exactly know how to properly perform this task, so instead they do more harm than good to your trees. Moreover, tree trimming contributes a lot to the improvement of your landscape’s appearance. More than keeping your trees healthy, pruning and trimming also keep them in good shape. Augusta Tree Service’s approach to tree trimming includes the following:

    • Eliminate dead, hazardous, and unsightly limbs
    • Improve the tree proportion, to bring back its former beauty
    • Evaluate the overall health of your tree

     If you look around, you will see a large number of trees that require trimming or at least pruning. Regular pruning will help you maintain the beauty and health of your tree. Sadly, many residents and business owners fail to do this to their trees, only to regret it in the end.

    Picture of our tree climber going up a side of a tree with a chainsaw to trim dead branches in Green Bay, WI

    The process for our tree removal and tree trimming is virtually the same. One of our representatives will visit your residence or business to assess the situation. We will then provide you with a price quote and discuss the possible date and time for us to complete the job. We will utilize our heavy equipment if the situation calls for it. But if you prefer us not to use this equipment, we would still be able to do the project using only safety harnesses. Our ground crew will make sure that during the entire process, the site will be clean and free from debris. You can also instruct us while we are doing the process to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome. We promise that after we are done with the process, the health and beauty of your tree will improve. We will leave your property clean and free from unwanted tree debris.

    When it comes to maintaining the health and appearance of your trees, finding reliable and experienced professionals is essential. That’s why our company stands out as one of the top local tree trimming companies in the area. Our team of local tree trimmers is dedicated to providing high-quality tree trim services that are both affordable and efficient. Whether you’re looking for cheap tree trimming services or professional tree cutter expertise, we’ve got you covered. Our tree trimming services in my area are tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer, ensuring that your trees receive the care they deserve. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, you can trust us for all your tree pruning needs.  For expert tree trimmer service and tree topping service tailored to your needs, rely on our local tree trimming service, recognized as one of the top tree pruning companies in the area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our expert team!


    Stump Grinding

    After the tree removal process, it usually follows that we also grind or remove the tree stump. Tree stumps can take away from the beauty of your landscape. They can be an eyesore and they can be a nuisance, especially when you perform your regular landscape maintenance. For this reason, tree stumps should be eliminated.

    Moreover, keeping tree stumps in your landscape is a risk of inviting pests to your property. Tree stumps can be home to different kinds of harmful insects and pests such as termites and ants.

    We can remove these unwanted sumps for you with our superior stump grinding tools and equipment. We can handle even the largest stumps, so you can be confident that once we are done, you will be left with no trace of the stump. Even if we weren’t the ones who removed your tree, we will still be glad to assist you with your stump removal concern.

    Our staff will pay a visit to your property to inspect the tree stump to be removed or ground. A verbal price quote will also be provided during that visit. When everything is set, we will schedule the time and day when we will remove the stump and provide you with a written estimate. Aside from the usual tree service we offer, we also have additional services such as sod laying, grass seeding, and replanting of the area.

    Some people may consider stump removal and grinding service as a basic process that can be performed by anyone. This may be true, however, with Augusta Tree Service, we make sure that this rather messy job, will be done most efficiently and professionally. Our top priority is your safety and the restoration of the appearance of your landscape. We can also use the chips as firewood or mulch, depending on your preference.

    Our stump grinding service is second to none, ensuring the complete removal of tree remnants. As one of the leading stump removal companies, we prioritize thoroughness and efficiency in every 

    If you have a tree stump that you want to be removed or ground, Augusta Tree Service is just one phone call away and we will assist you with it.

    Emergency Tree Service is Always On Call

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    Emergency Tree Service - Tree Storm Damage

    Storm damage can be one of the things that you do not want to deal with. It can cause significant damage to your landscape and entire property. No matter how big or small the damage is, you can count on us to give our 100% in helping you. We are quick to respond and our top priority is your safety. We will take care of downed and damaged trees. We will also free your property from other tree debris brought by the storm.

    Our emergency service is available 24/7, so you can expect us to come to your aid whenever you need us. Our professional crew members have the experience and skills to help you bring back safety in your home. We will also restore the former appearance of your landscape.

    Our storm clean up company provides comprehensive tree clean up services, offering prompt assistance with storm clean up jobs to restore safety and aesthetics to your property.

    Picture of an employee with safety gear on inserting a tree limb into the wood chipper in Green Bay, WI

    Lot & Land Clearing

    We can take on every small-scale and large-scale lot clearing job you may have for us. Though there is debris that you can take care of yourself, there is debris that only professionals can handle, especially if yours is commercial development property. We have the necessary equipment to finish this kind of project. We see this job as we see other tree services we have. We do our best to complete the lot clearing process as efficiently and as cost-effective as possible.

    Call us for your lot clearing needs and we will be glad to assist you.

    Wood Chipping and Brush Removal

    We have wood chipping services for our clients who want to get rid of small or medium-sized limbs. Using our chippers, we can take care of a brush of 6″ in diameter. We can put the chips away or haul them somewhere on your property.

    Commercial and Residential Tree Service

    We serve both residential and commercial property owners throughout the city and its vicinity. Regardless of your tree’s condition, you can trust us to provide the necessary treatment and attention it needs to flourish, taking into account our region’s unique weather and soil conditions. Even if your tree has declined in health and appearance, we can assist in restoring it using carefully planned techniques and safety measures. Reach out to the most dependable tree cutting company in the area, and we’ll demonstrate how affordable tree service should be conducted.

    Our range of services encompasses residential tree removal, commercial tree cutting services, residential tree care, residential tree trimming, and residential tree services. Prioritizing safety and accuracy, we approach each tree care project with meticulous attention to detail. When you select us as your professional tree service provider, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trees are in capable hands. Contact us today to discover the transformative impact of professional tree care on your property.

    Other Tree Services

    We are a full-service tree company. We offer the following tree services in Green Bay:

    • Bracing and Cabling
    • Brush Removal
    • Wood Chipping
    • Tree Planting
    • Tree Fertilization
    • Tree Pruning and Shaping
    • Arboriculture Consulting

    Whatever tree service you may need, Augusta Tree Service will be glad to help you. Call us to discuss your tree needs.

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